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Citi Double Cash Credit Card Logo

Customers can apply for the Citi Double Cash Credit Card by accessing the Citi Bank Enroll Portal. The Citi Double Cash Card is an interesting cash back credit card with some great introductory offer. Below we have discussed the advantages of having Citi Double card and a step by step guide to applying for a new credit card.

Benefits of the Card:

  • It offers 1% cash back on purchases when they are initially made, and then an extra 1% when those purchases are actually paid for.
  • With no yearly fee and a 15 month introductory APR of 0%, this is, by the numbers, one of the most rewarding general purpose cash back credit cards available.

To apply for the card, the users will have to be at least 18 years of age and should be residing in the U.S. They will also require a valid Social Security Number for application of this card. For guidance in all these, please follow the following steps that are described below.